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The first problem faced by any operator working with international groupage cargoes is the compatibility of loads with different characteristics. That is, it is not enough to solve the geometric problem of filling a useful volume. In addition, it is necessary to take into account a number of additional factors:

  • Compatibility of storage conditions (temperature, ventilation requirements, humidity levels, etc.);
  • The degree of mutual influence between the goods. At the same time, the general nomenclature of the transported goods is divided into aggressive and susceptible;
  • Division of goods into categories. So, general cargoes cannot be placed in one container with special ones.

The geography of delivery of groupage cargo by us is quite extensive. The most popular destinations are in Eurasia. These are EU countries, former and current members of the CIS, the Baltic region, China, Vietnam. But we will transport groupage cargoes anywhere in the world, not limited to any specific directions. In order to learn more about the service, you just need to contact our managers and ask for advice. They will be happy to answer all questions, calculate the cost of delivery and help with other nuances.

Transportation of groupage cargoes stands out among all delivery services, as it is actively used by private individuals, small and medium businesses, and even some large companies. For small and medium businesses, general cargo, in general, almost the only opportunity to save on logistics, but to receive high-quality and timely delivery. Especially they are relevant in view of the widespread active purchases of small businesses in China. The mail is either very expensive, or it takes a very long time, and groupage cargo ordered at Neolit ​​Logistics Group of Companies does not afford a lot and arrive in time.

Special features

Prefabricated cargo is something that is ideal for those customers who expect to bring, for example, samples, a small or trial batch of new products.

Our company has extensive experience in the field of international transportation, one of the areas of which is the transportation and maintenance of groupage cargo.

Over the years of successful activity, we have acquired and strengthened partnerships based on mutually beneficial cooperation with more than 300 importers, exporters, freight forwarders and intermediaries in Ukraine, European countries and the CIS.

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